The Spiritual Times is a magazine unlike any other in the world! This is a magazine filled with beautiful people with extraordinary lives and stories that are literally out of this world, and the only advertisers you will see in here are those who offer to raise the vibration of the collective.


Each month we will bring you stories that will open peoples minds and help their journey to higher vibrational existence. These are some of the things the magazine will contain:


  • How plant medicines have help to awaken people, (Interviews with celebrities participating)

  • Details of Retreats around the world

  • Interviews with Shamans and healers

  • Mind and body expansion programmes

  • Editorials on individuals, from relationship coaches, to energetic healers and Astral travellers

  • Astrological movements and importances and how they effect the energies

  • Ethical and sustainable fashion

  • Archeological news relating to pyramids, temples and ancient truths

  • Alternative medicines from the earth (Think CBD and more)

  • Truth Seeker stories

  • Matrix Busting (getting out of the program)

  • Alternative realities and dimensions

  • Dealing with issues (physical and mental) arising from the higher dimensional existence and vibrations

  • DNA Activations

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Higher vibrational eating and food preparation

  • Sound, frequencies and how they effect the mind and body

  • Crystals and how to use them -  tuning the mind and body, protection and healing.

  • Accessing your inner divine abundance. Manifestation 

  • Being in control of your energetic body and using it in the most powerful ways

  • The Cosmic Laws

  • News from Channellers and Akashik Record seers. Including Arcturian messages

  • Indigo, crystal, rainbow

  • Atlantis, Egypt, Mesopotamia and more.


The magazine is the brainchild of Sofia Hayat who herself has been on an incredible journey of awakening.


“This magazine will really open eyes and shock some people, but we are not here to make a magazine that gives you the same brain numbing activities of the others out there. We want to wake people up. Yes we will have pictures of beautiful women and men, but the difference is, that these people will have tried a plant medicine, or have helped people shift their perception with healing, coaching, alternative medicines and more. The people I want in this magazine, really change peoples lives, or themselves have had life changing experiences for the greater good. I for one am fed up of seeing people in magazines looking beautiful and famous for nothing. I want to make the healers, the shamans, the givers, the life changers, the inspirational people the cover of my magazine. I want them to shine, because they make others shine and heal and grow. We are in the golden age of Gaia. This is the time for all to grow, let go of the old program and move into their powers of manifestation, abundance and divinity. We are all about bringing the real stars (excuse the pun) to the masses, so that they can all shine into the new higher energies of truth and love and unity consciousness.”


The magazine is a monthly publication, and will be distributed in central London as a free magazine at all stations and delivered to homes in central London.


“I am so excited this magazine will be raising the vibration of the masses, just by being on the tube, or in the homes of people. Most people whilst travelling on the tube or train, are in a Theta brainwave state. This brainwave state allows us to connect to the subconscious mind, and makes the brain open to suggestion and reprogramming. Lets face it, this is how mass media has sold junk food, computer games and more. We are using the same format, but we are only offering things that will greatly enhance and improve that persons life and expand their minds.”

Gaia Sofia Maria Hayat

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